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Diablo 4 – Class Guides Hub

Diablo 4 has several heroes that you can choose from, with each class offering unique playstyles due to their mechanics. While you can “main” one particular character, you can still try out others to see what they bring to the table. Here’s our Diablo 4 class hub guide to help you with the different heroes that you can select.

There are currently five Diablo 4 classes that we know of. These are the Barbarian, Rogue, Sorcerer, Necromancer, and Druid. Each has unique mechanics that allow for varied gameplay, namely their skills (i.e., abilities that can be activated), talents (i.e., passives), and specific quirks to make them stand out.


The Diablo 4 Sorcerer is your traditional spellcaster. This character harnesses the power of the elements, burning foes with fire, freezing them with ice, or zapping them with lightning. The class also uses the Enchantment mechanic, where active skills can be equipped for a passive boon, though you won’t be able to cast them.


Everyone loves the Barbarian, a staple of the Diablo series. These brutes charge headlong into battle, leaping down to smash opponents and screaming at the top of their lungs with their warcries. Barbarians use the Arsenal mechanic, where their abilities require a particular type of weapon (i.e., slicing, bludgeoning, two-handed, and the like). They may swap their weapons freely to activate and cycle through various attacks.

Barbarian skills (coming soon)Barbarian talents (coming soon)Barbarian builds (coming soon)


Rogues are your nominal dexterity-based class, agile and nimble, speedily dashing to avoid attacks or strike when least expected. Similar to characters from previous games like the Amazon and Demon Hunter, Rogues provide a mix of both melee and ranged expertise. Moreover, the Imbue mechanic lets them infuse attacks with either poison, cold, or shadow damage.

Rogue skills (coming soon)Rogue talents (coming soon)Rogue builds (coming soon)As the Diablo 4 Rogue, you can deal damage up close, then dash away to shoot foes from a distance.


Necromancers tend to be a fan-favorite for long-time Diablo fans. It’s partly because of their background lore (i.e., they’re Priests of Rathma), and their strengths. Chief among these is a means of raising undead minions, making corpses explode, and using the powers of bone and poisons. The Diablo 4 Necromancer will become available during the open beta, which runs from March 24 to 27.

Necromancer skills (coming soon)Necromancer talents (coming soon)Necromancer builds (coming soon)


The Diablo 4 Druid is a hybrid class. On one hand, they can do a bit of spellcasting, as their communion with nature lets them call on the elements. On the other, they may also shapeshift into ferocious beasts, tearing apart enemies that get too close. Similar to the Necromancer, the Druid will also become playable during the open beta.

Druid skills (coming soon)Druid talents (coming soon)Druid builds (coming soon)

Diablo 4 is currently in its beta stage. As such, some of the information here may change as we get closer to the game’s official launch on June 6. We’ll update this guide accordingly.

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